HYPOXI: No Sweat Required

Posted on June 27, 2017 in exercise, fitness motivation

Exercise. Some enjoy it. Others avoid it.

Thankfully there is an all-natural weight loss option nestled between high-intensity exercise options like crossfit and the physical removal of body fat through laser or surgery. Meet HYPOXI.

A household name in Europe and Australia, HYPOXI is relatively new to the United States. HYPOXI is a science-based training method that combines patented technology, low-impact exercise and healthy nutrition.


Targeted Weight Loss

HYPOXI was developed 20 years ago by a sports scientist in Austria out of a passion to help women target their weight loss. You know the those stubborn fatty areas – stomach, hips, thighs and bum.

Dr. Norbert Egger had the genius idea to use century old vacuum therapy with the benefits of compression therapy during exercise. The result? Science-proven targeted fat loss. The best part? This is accomplished with low intensity, low impact exercise.


Low Intensity, Low Impact Exercise

The goal is optimal fat burning. The method includes exercising at a slow to moderate pace while keeping your heart rate in the fat-burning zone and out of your cardio zone.

Based on the stubborn areas you wish to target, HYPOXI recommends one of three patented exercise machines – an upright bike (S120), a recumbent bike (L250) or wearing a patented suit hooked up to a machine (Vacunaut) while on a treadmill or other cardio equipment.

Total duration of the exercise session is only 30 minutes. Of course, the success of your results is based on your adherence to the entire HYPOXI-Method. This includes nutrition.


Healthy Nutrition

It’s been said you cannot out-train a bad diet. HYPOXI is no different. This is not magic. This is a healthy lifestyle education and support system. One pillar of the HYPOXI-Method of training is healthy nutrition. In fact, a nutrition guide and coaching is provided throughout your HYPOXI program.


A Fresh Approach to Fitness

When you walk through the doors of a HYPOXI studio, you are greeted by this inspiring motto:

“We believe healthy nutrition and active living are the foundation for a better life.”

Start with an easy, science-proven, all-natural exercise program. Lose six to ten inches in as little as four weeks. Leave with lifelong lessons about living happier and healthier.

Whether it’s your sole source of getting healthy or another tool in your pocket, HYPOXI is an all-natural weight loss option worth considering if you live in Arizona. Did we mention you can try HYPOXI for free?!

HYPOXI is now franchising and licensing.