The Hypoxi-Method

The HYPOXI-Method combines low impact exercise with advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition to help your body work smarter, not harder. HYPOXI supercharges your body’s natural fat burning system.

Independent studies have shown HYPOXI to be up to 3 times more effective at targeting fat burning than regular exercise.

The <strong>Hypoxi-Method</strong>




Targets stubborn fat and cellulite around

  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Lower Back
  • Lower Stomach
See how it works


Targets stubborn fat and cellulite around

  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Lower back
  • Lower Stomach
See how it works


Targets stubborn fat around

  • Stomach
  • Hips
See how it works


Aids in reducing

  • Cellulite
  • Puffy Skin
  • Uneven Skin Tones
See how it works

Our History

HYPOXI began with a revolutionary idea by Dr. Norbert Egger, an Austrian sports scientist. With his invention of the HYPOXI-Method, Dr. Norbert Egger laid the foundation for an entirely new category of body shaping. After graduating from the University of Salzburg, he rounded off his competencies with extensive advanced training in the areas of rehabilitation and health training. In 1983, he founded Austria’s first fitness and health studio for women in Salzburg. Over the course of the years, however, he noticed that many women were unable able to shift their problem areas through healthy diets and regular exercise.

A New Discovery

A New Discovery

As a sports scientist, Egger knew that fat is burned primarily in regions where the tissue is best supplied with blood and above all, fat is burned by movement. That’s why he focused on developing training devices which would combine circulation-enhancing methods with movement.

With this knowledge in mind, he set out with a team of scientists and mechanical engineers to develop a revolutionary training device. This was the first time in history pressure therapy was used simultaneously with fat burning exercise.

The team believed in solid empirical evidence to prove their theories. So in 1997, Dr Egger undertook a landmark study testing HYPOXI with 530 women.

The results were so profound that HYPOXI was launched into production that same year. HYPOXI products have proven so effective that the company now distributes to more than 50 countries across the globe – making the world’s leading supplier of vacuum technology based weight loss systems.

In 2009, HYPOXI Australia was awarded the Westpac Smart Company Award for is innovative range and smart business practices.

In 2014, Goodlife Health Clubs acquired HYPOXI Australia Pty Limited, which is part of the Fitness Lifestyle Group.

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HYPOXI AUSTRALIA is part of Fitness and Lifestyle Group, headquartered in Australia. Fitness and Lifestyle Group is a market leader in the fitness industry and includes health and wellness brands Goodlife Health Clubs, HYPOXI Australia & Jetts Fitness.

Over the last ten years, HYPOXI Australia has grown to more than 80 studios boasting the largest network of authorized HYPOXI studios globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I start HYPOXI?
Initially, you will need to book a consultation in order for a HYPOXI trained consultant to assess your requirements and objectives. This session is also an opportunity to learn more about this unique system and go through the training schedule. You can use our studio locator to find your nearest HYPOXI.

How much does it cost?
There are several different packages and options to optimize your results with HYPOXI. Contact your HYPOXI location for pricing information.

How long does a HYPOXI session take?
HYPOXI is perfect for people on-the-go as each session only takes 30 minutes to achieve optimal fat-burning results. The HYPOXI-Dermology treatment is only 20 minutes which means if you use it in conjunction with a HYPOXI device you can be in and out in under an hour!

Free Trial – approx. 1hr which includes consultation and HYPOXI session/s
L250/S120/Vacunaut – 30 minute session
HYPOXI-Dermology – 20 minute session

What should I wear?
L250 and S120 training should be done in loose fitting gym pants, a t-shirt and athletic shoes. Bring a gym towel with you also.

Vacunaut training should be carried out wearing a specialized HYPOXI under suit (available in-studio), or skin-tight bike pants, a tight-fitted t-shirt and athletic shoes. Bring a gym towel with you also.

HYPOXI-Dermology training should be carried out wearing loose fitting pants, t-shirt and socks.

How many sessions do I have to do a week?
For best results during the initial HYPOXI training, the HYPOXI-Method dictates 3 sessions a week for 4 weeks (total of 12 sessions). However, this is dependent on your weight loss goals. Many clients continue to do 3 sessions a week for 8-12 weeks. After you have reached your goal, clients can choose to move to a long term maintenance plan that is 1-2 HYPOXI sessions per week.

How long before I will see results?
You will have your measurements taken at your initial consultation, 6th session and 12th session. After your 6th session, the majority of customers will start to see the results.

What if I am not seeing results?
If after your 6th session you have not seen any results – be persistent. Every individual body is different. It is important to review your nutritional and ensure you are following the nutritional guidelines as outlined by your consultant and in this booklet. Are you getting enough sleep? Drinking plenty of water? All of these factors can affect your results.

Is HYPOXI painful?
The vacuum and compression process used in the HYPOXI-Method is non-invasive and truly pain-free. HYPOXI is a low impact training method and the horizontal position in the L250 and HDC machines takes pressure off the joints.

Can I use HYPOXI if I am not very fit?
HYPOXI training is designed for men and women of all fitness levels and ages. Throughout the treatment, your heart rate and skin temperature are constantly monitored. HYPOXI training does not require any particular degree of physical fitness and is perfect for someone who is thinking about getting back into exercise for the first time in years. You will be required to complete a client information form when you attend your studio, as there are certain illnesses & conditions which preclude people from undertaking treatments. If in doubt, we recommend you speak to a medical professional – your safety is paramount to us.

Can I still do other forms of exercise?
Absolutely! Doing HYPOXI training does not mean you need to stop your other exercise. We encourage you to live an active lifestyle. However, to achieve maximum results while undergoing HYPOXI, you should not participate in any cardio or high intensity exercise for 4-6 hours after your session.

Will I lose weight in other areas of the body?
What makes HYPOXI so unique is that it is targeted weight and fat loss around the hips, buttocks, thighs and stomach. Because you are doing light exercise and following healthy diet you will no doubt see incidental fat loss in other areas such as the chest and arms, however the largest in. loss will be in the targeted areas ie. Hips, buttocks, stomach, thighs.

What if I am pregnant?
HYPOXI does not allow pregnant women to undergo HYPOXI treatments. If you do fall pregnant while undergoing HYPOXI, you can suspend your treatment package until you are ready post birth to continue your training.

What if I am post-birth?
HYPOXI is perfect for new moms as it is low impact exercise and gentle on your body after birth. We recommend starting HYPOXI sessions 12 weeks post-birth. Please consult your healthcare/medical professional before engaging in any exercise post-birth.

What if I am breastfeeding?
If is safe to undertake HYPOXI training while breastfeeding, however to avoid any uncomfortable feeling during your sessions in the HDC and Vacunaut machines, studios have Breast Plates available for use during your treatment.

What if I have breast implants?
In most instances it is safe to use HYPOXI devices if you have breast implants. Please consult with your Studio Manager for more details.

What if I have a health condition that does not allow me to exercise?
HYPOXI requires a medical certification before undergoing any HYPOXI treatments if you have a health conditions that does not permit you to exercise.

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