10 Healthy Restaurants to Try in Scottsdale & Phoenix

Posted on October 12, 2017 in fitness motivation, healthy eating

“Six Pack Abs Are Made in the Kitchen”

“You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet”

There are many ways to describe the importance of healthy eating. It’s true, food and fitness go hand in hand. However, we may not always make time to buy, prepare and eat healthy food at home.


Life is busy. Sometimes your only option is to pick up something on the go. The good news? Better choices are popping up all over the valley. Here are ten restaurants in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area offering healthy and delicious meal options.


D’Lite Healthy On The Go

The key phrase here is “on the go”. D’Lite is one of the only healthy drive-thru restaurants in the valley. From protein drinks, salads and wraps to all-day breakfast options, it doesn’t get any easier to eat healthy. Bonus! They have doggie bags and treats for purchase too! With three locations, two in the works and more to come, there is sure to be a drive-thru close to you soon.  https://dlitehealthyonthego.com/


The Original Chop House

Since opening in 2013, this unassuming restaurant offers healthy shakes, protein bowls  and wraps to meet your healthy fix in the morning, afternoon and evening. Are you vegan, gluten intolerant or have other dietary restrictions? This place, like most in this list, has you covered.  There are four locations now and three more on the way. https://originalchopshop.com/


Eat Fit Go

New to Arizona but not to the U.S., this is the place to pick up a “grab-and-go” meal from their wall of fridges. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are ready for heating and eating. Some items are ready-to-eat cold. Dine in or take out. Three locations already and more under construction. https://eatfitgo.com/



While there is currently only one Freshbox location at the corner of Bell Rd. and Thompson Peak Pkwy., it is worth a stop if you live or drive by the area. This delicious eatery offers an assembly line format of building your salad, wrap or bowl. There are also pre-designed meal options if you are not the creative type. Smoothies, acai bowls and ready-made snacks are also available. We see multiple locations in their future. https://enjoyfreshbox.com


Modern Market

Originating in Colorado, this relatively new eatery in Old Town is quickly making a healthy name for itself. They pride themselves on using ingredients purchased from farmers, ranchers and suppliers they know and trust. Meals options satisfy virtually every dietary requirement from celiac to vegan to paleo to low GCI and more. Two locations now and a third coming soon!  http://www.modernmarket.com


True Food Kitchen

Was this the healthy restaurant that started the trend? Regardless, it is one to keep in your favorites list because this eatery from Fox Restaurant Concepts never disappoints. Offering a more formal atmosphere, the menu at True Food Kitchen was developed under the guidance of renowned physician, Dr. Andrew Weil using foods known to be healthful and anti-inflammatory. A great place for a business meeting or a healthy option for take-out, there are two locations from which to choose. https://www.truefoodkitchen.com


Farm & Craft

This is another healthy restaurant boasting a single location that requires your attention. Farm & Craft is located in Old Town Scottsdale and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner using ingredients that are sustainable, gluten-free, organic, and hormone-free. We can tell you about how ingredients are specially selected to boost your health in four ways, but what’s most important is the taste. And it tastes great. That’s why it made the list. https://ilovefarmandcraft.com


Wildflower Bread Company

This restaurant does require some restraint because there are many temptations sprinkled between the healthy options. A seasoned health enthusiast remembers the basics: salad dressing on the side, cheese on the side, no fried items and most importantly steer clear of the desserts. Wildflower has multiple locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix and we love the plentiful plugs so our electronics can recharge while our bodies are being recharged. http://www.wildflowerbread.com/


Ocean Poke Company

This is not your average poke restaurant. This is better. With one hot location in Arcadia and many more planned, this place is immeasurably obsessed with sourcing the best ingredients, composting, recycling and above all creating an atmosphere that embodies the aloha spirit. Delicious and nutritious. And good for the environment. This may be the first you heard of it but it won’t be the last. https://oceanpokeco.com/


Nekter Juice Bar

Nekter Juice Bar has quickly grown to 14 locations the last time we counted. Offering fresh juices, smoothies and acai bowls, this is the perfect place to fill up on your missing fruit and vegetable servings. This is cleaner, easier and faster than attempting to make it at home. https://www.nekterjuicebar.com


If you spend time and money on fitness classes & membership, then protect your investment by committing to healthier food choices. What you eat is every bit as important was what you do. It is an exciting time as the number of healthy restaurants continues to grow.