8 Simple Ways to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Posted on November 30, 2017 in fitness motivation, healthy eating, weight loss tips

Thanksgiving has passed and December holidays are around the corner.

From a health perspective, we are officially in a place of opportunity – or downward spiral. What you do between your holiday gatherings will directly affect your waistline.

Here are 8 simple ways to stay in shape this holiday season.

  1. Drink More Water– H2O is the unsung hero. More than half of our bodies is made up of water. This crucial element is also a key ingredient in weight loss. Plus, it helps your kidneys and bowels to function normally. During the season of eating, it helps to fill you up and prevent over-eating. Use an extra large water bottle and consider using phone apps like Waterlogged or Daily Water that help you measure your water intake.
  2. Plan Workouts in Advance – Just as you plan a doctor’s appointment, review your calendar and schedule your workouts. The holidays tend to turn our calendars upside down so be realistic about your available time.
  3. Eat Healthy Before the Party – If your holiday gathering is not focused around a main course, then arrive with healthy food already in your stomach. Whole foods such as vegetables and proteins will limit the munchies and help prevent over-eating. Vegetables are amazingly low in calories and the natural fiber will fill you up leaving you less hungry during your party.
  4. Balance Indulging with a Workout – Holiday indulging happens. ‘Tis the season for delicious treats and eats. If you indulged more than planned, offset the extra calories with an extra workout. Even better, add a workout a few hours before indulging to rev up your metabolism!
  5. Try Something New – Many fitness studios and gyms offer introductory specials and free trials. If you are bored of your fitness routine, shake it up with a new class or activity. Sometimes even working out at an alternate location of your same gym can energize you.
  6. Rest, Relax and Recover – Juggling work, family, social commitments and getting ready for the holidays can be stressful. Our bodies physically do not function well under high amounts of prolonged stress. Set time aside to focus on relieving tension. Regardless of your time and budget, there is an option for you including: A free meditation app like Insight Timer; 3-minute cryotherapy session, 30-minute infrared sauna session, 30-minute reflexology and 60-minute float spa or a 90-minute massage therapy.
  7. Be the Designated Driver – Alcohol contains many calories that are hard to digest. Plus, it slows your metabolism. If you do drink alcohol, plan to abstain at a few of your upcoming holiday gatherings and instead, be the designated driver. The bonus? You will feel great in the morning and maybe even get in an extra workout!
  8. Plan Your Indulgences – Instead of grazing on the latest delivery of “thank you” cookies in your office, stay healthy until your planned indulgence. Indulging is not a 24/7 activity if you want to stay in shape over the holidays. By limiting when you indulge over the holidays, you can better prevent unnecessary weight gain.


That’s it! Eight easy tips to help you stay in shape with holiday season. Now get out your calendar and start planning your workouts.