6 Reasons Why Health Clubs Use HYPOXI Equipment

Posted on December 15, 2017 in equipment licensing, exercise

Health Clubs exist to improve the overall health of people (and of course, to make money). Over the years, traditional health clubs have added programs, services and amenities to meet the changing demands of consumers and increase revenue.


As a combination of large, budget-friendly gyms and small, boutique studios flood the market, it creates additional pressure on the traditional health clubs to find more inventive ways of preserving market share.


However, not every health club has the budget to launch branded hotel chains or invest in multi-million dollar renovations. Clubs including Goodlife Health Clubs and Fitness First in Australia are benefiting from more cost-effective measures such as integrating HYPOXI.


Why HYPOXI? Here are six reasons why health clubs should consider adding HYPOXI to its service offerings.


  1. Optimize Under-utilized Space – As consumer demand and preference change, so does the usage of specific equipment or class offerings. Some clubs are simply in need of floor plan changes to uncover available space. A quick study of your floor space may reveal 360 square feet, which is enough to add HYPOXI.
  2. Increase Memberships – Big box gyms are intimidating to a large segment of the population. HYPOXI offers an easy workout and more private setting to an audience that may not otherwise join a traditional health club. This creates a new channel for increasing health club memberships.
  3. Increase Retention – Membership engagement ebbs and flows. HYPOXI provides an additional tool and something new for a member to use in their fitness journey. By helping members accelerate weight loss, their engagement and satisfaction also increases.
  4. Differentiate Your Business – HYPOXI is different and more importantly, it works. This science-based training method is patented and still new to the U.S. Market. Adding HYPOXI machines creates differentiation among competitors – big and small.
  5. Diversify Your Revenue –HYPOXI provides another source of revenue that does not need to be tied to membership activity. This diversifies revenues and creates less reliance on any one service.
  6. INCREASE Your Bottom Line – In addition to bettering the health of members, health clubs are in business to make money. Adding a proven training method to your health club offerings with or without the requirement of membership can further drive revenues and profits.


Incorporating HYPOXI into a health club hypoxi-inclub-franchise-goodlifehealth-620x400 is like adding boxing, pilates or spin classes. You need space, specialized equipment and staff. Requiring as little as 360 square feet and certifying existing health club staff in the HYPOXI Training method makes implementation easy and cost effective compared to other profit centers.


Travis Jeffery, Club General Manager of Goodlife Health Clubs in Wantirna, Australia has experienced the benefits of HYPOXI firsthand. He shares HYPOXI “has provided both an additional revenue stream and increase in profits…Plus, HYPOXI has increased weight loss results for current members and increased our member retention. Using HYPOXI, we created a unique selling proposition for our business that other locally based clubs cannot offer.”


At Goodlife Health Clubs in Watirna, Australia, HYPOXI is offered as a separate service. It is also added to special promotions and programs such as “Kickstart” and “12-Week Challenge”.


Specifically, Travis has seen an average of 2-5 additional direct (membership) sign-ups from HYPOXI customers per month in addition to an increase in female clientele using the club.


Travis adds, “It also draws a high dollar yield per customer which is great for the bottom line.”


For information about HYPOXI licensing opportunities, contact Jeff Stokes at jeff.stokes@hypoxibody.com.