Touching Client Testimonial

Posted on August 16, 2019 in fitness motivation, mental health, success stories

My name is Petra and I am 49 years old.

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Lipedema, a rare disorder characterized by symmetric enlargement to the legs, due to deposits of fat beneath the skin. However, long before my diagnosis, I lived with pain and swelling in my legs.

While I would have been happy to have seen a reduction in the size to my legs, my biggest wish was for the pain to go away so I could have an improved quality of life, so I was very pleased to participate in the Lipedema study at HYPOXI.

After clearance from my medical practitioner Dr Manuel Cornely, I was ready to start training at my local HYPOXI studio.

After just 7 sessions at HYPOXI, I both saw and felt a huge difference. Before my first session. I weighed 304 lbs, and within just 7 weeks, lost over 7 lbs as well as over 7 inches (which included an indulgent Easter break too).

My legs also feel much lighter and overall I feel fitter and healthier.

The HYPOXI team gave me such great support and it’s definitely something I’ll continue to do!