HYPOXI helps relieve symptoms of lipoedema

Posted on September 20, 2019 in equipment licensing, success stories, weight loss tips
Lipoedema is a condition that causes painful swelling in the legs, ankles, thighs, buttocks and sometimes arms. The abnormal accumulation of fat under the skin that causes lipoedema can be reduced using HYPOXI to improve the lymphatic system, increasing the blood circulation in problem areas. Although it begins as a cosmetic concern, it can eventually cause pain and other problems. Lipedema can be mistaken for regular obesity or lymphedema. It is believed that 11% of the female population may suffer from some degree of Lipoedema. HYPOXI treatment has been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms and pain associated with lipoedema. 

HYPOXI Lipoedema Study

A study was conducted of eight women who suffered from lipoedema whom completed HYPOXI-Training (combined training, HYPOXI-Trainer S120 or L250 and HYPOXI-Dermology) for four months in an authorized HYPOXI-Studio to see if this would assist in their symptoms. The initial examination and the final examination were carried out by Dr. Manuel Cornely.

Key Results of the HYPOXI-Lipoedema study

  • weight loss for all subjects between 1.1 kg and 16.3 kg
  • significant and measurable loss of circumference at relevant measuring points
  • All subjects report a significant improvement in symptoms and increased quality of life.

The individual results and statements of the test persons:

Heike S. (age: 50, starting weight: 89 kg)

47 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 9.5 kg / minus 58 cm

“…after 3 months HYPOXI-Training with a dietary change and super coaching I am nearly pain free…”
“…my legs feel softer and I have this unprecedented feeling to be able to move without this constant pain…”
“…finally in my job as a nursery school teacher I am able to put the kids on my lap…”

Kristina M. (age: 30, starting weight: 62.6 kg)

37 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer L250 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 1.1 kg / minus 28.5 cm

“…the water retention in my legs is fading from training to training…”
“…I really look forward to every training session, before HYPOXI, I was a real sports denier…”

Jana B. (age: 22, starting weight: 59.4 kg)

38 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer L250 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 4.4 kg / minus 36 cm

“…HYPOXI is important to me because it makes me feel good!”
“…my legs don’t feel that heavy anymore and the pain has decreased a lot…”
“…to feel overall better with a slight dietary change and the HYPOXI-Training program – this was my goal…”

Marion F. (age: 52, starting weight: 96.8 kg)

48 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer L250 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 7.8 kg / minus 61 cm

“…the HYPOXI-miracle! – I had to eat more in order to lose weight…”
“…HYPOXI helped me to improve my quality of life…”
“…it feels good being disciplined and active…”
“…my legs don’t feel that heavy any more…”
“…even when standing the whole day long, the pain in the evening is not that bad anymore…”

Petra M. (age: 48, starting weight: 137.9 kg)

45 x combined Training HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 15.3 kg / minus 70 cm

“…my legs feel much lighter…”
“…the pain on HYPOXI-days is much less…”
“…my skin is well supplied with blood, rosy and velvety…”
“…a quality of life which I haven’t experienced for long time…”

Nicole H. (age: 26, starting weight: 73.3 kg)

38 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 3.3 kg / minus 36.5 cm

“…for the first time in my life with this illness the circumference of my legs has significantly decreased…”
“…my legs feel much lighter and I suffer less pain…”
“…my connective tissue became tighter, my dimples are decreasing…”
“…to me the miracle of the HYPOXI-Method is clearly visible on my buttocks…”

Alexandra E. (age: 43, starting weight: 79 kg)

41 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 1.2 kg / minus 27 cm

“…my metabolism is at high performance…”
“…the pain in my legs is hardly noticeable anymore…”
“…my legs can deal much better with extreme heat and the related water retentions…”
“…finally I can enjoy long walks at the beach…”

Claudia G. (age: 50, starting weight: 134.3 kg)

43 x combined training HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and HYPOXI-Dermology ––> minus 16.3 kg / minus 91 cm

“…less water retentions, less pain, more desire for movement and finally a better quality of life…”
“…my environment noticed the change of my body; my legs changed significantly…”
“…even on hot days the retentions are not that extreme…”
“…the pressure sensitivity is no longer that high and the sensitivity to pain when touched has decreased…”
“…my lymphatic therapist confirms that my connective tissue became softer and that the nodules decrease…”

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