How to Avoid Party Season Weight Gain!

Posted on December 20, 2018 in healthy eating

The Holiday Season is all about celebrating, togetherness and a little bit of indulging… in moderation! Here are a few easy tips to help you avoid party season weight gain.

Divert Your Attention

Many people forget that there’s more to a holiday party than food, Goldberg tells WebMD. “Don’t look at the party as just a food event,” she says. “Enjoy your friends’ company or dancing. Focus on something other than food.” Chatting is a great diversion, whether you’re at a small family dinner or a large party. Take your mind off of food and focus on the conversation.

Pace Yourself

Have you ever tried telling yourself you’ll only eat during the first half hour of a party? This strategy is a mistake. If you cram in as much as you can in half an hour, you chew faster. Chewing more slowly will fill you up with less food.

Choose your nibbles wisely

Good-quality cheese, seafood, nuts and chocolates bring much taste and enjoyment to the palate, while cheap crackers, pastries and chips do not. Savor the experience of eating good-quality food occasionally rather than stuffing your face with high-fat snacks.

Stop the “all or nothing” attitude to dieting

Rather than mentally writing off the next four weeks in terms of your food intake and activity patterns, think like a thin person. Enjoy good-quality, tasty treats in controlled amounts, but balance them with nutritious summer foods including salads, seafood and fresh fruits. Look as the time off over this period as an excuse to move your body more and you will be well on your way to a fitter and healthier 2019.

Don’t go to parties hungry

A common mistake is overindulging on high-fat pastries, chips and dips while waiting for the “real” food to arrive. Avoid overeating at cocktail events by ensuring you do not arrive at an event starving. Have a filling snack 60 to 90 minutes before you go, such as an apple and cheese and wholegrain crackers or a handful of nuts.

Keep active!

Yes, holidays are for relaxing but keeping active either through your HYPOXI-Training, going for a walk, or even doing laps around the mall, every little bit helps!