5 HYPOXI Holiday Healthy Eating Tips

Posted on December 8, 2018 in healthy eating

Yes, you are going to have a good time this Christmas break and yes, you are going to eat more than you would normally. We certainly know the angst this can cause so here are some HYPOXI healthy eating tips to help you indulge without going overboard!

1. Give yourself permission

Allow yourself to indulge in the foods you love! Is it the Christmas pudding? The potato bake? That amazing glazed ham? EAT IT and ENJOY IT and pass on the rest. BUT, eat it slowly and savour it (we are talking 20 chews per mouthful) and you will find that you will feel more satisfied without needing to increase the consumption.

2. Practice healthy eating etiquette

If people are constantly trying to force food on you, practice saying ‘maybe next time’. This will not only stop you from appearing rude to your host but will also leave you feeling less deprived. Studies have shown that by saying ‘maybe next time’ you feel that you aren’t missing out on this food forever, you are simply bypassing it for now.

3. Distance yourself from the ‘table of food’

If you find practicing self control difficult, then don’t set yourself up for failure. Stand a distance away from the table of food OR with your back to it. When food is easily accessible, studies say that we are far more inclined to be tempted, even when we aren’t hungry –  so the closer you stand, the more you are inclined to eat!

4. Don’t be too tempted by the Christmas cocktails

Now, we LOVE cocktails but they are calorie laden like you wouldn’t believe. Some cocktails can contain up to 500 calories per one serving and with all the festive food you are consuming, this is a sure fire way to gain weight easily. Either avoid them altogether or have your cocktail as a pre-drink treat only! Also, if you choose them make sure you don’t eat dessert.

5. Keep active

If you find 45-60 minutes a stretch, then aim for a 15 minute run or power walk OR throw in some incidental exercise! A pedometer APP like Pacer is a great way to motivate you to walk further which is easy when you have shopping to do! Exercise will make you feel good over the holidays and de-stress your body which results in making better food choices.

Following our healthy eating tips

Keep healthy and feel good by following our suggestions and enjoying your festive season, the HYPOXI way.