10 Simple Tips to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

Posted on January 17, 2020 in fitness motivation

Did you find yourself overindulging these holidays? You’re not alone! At this time of year, we have many people come into our studios who are keen to get back on track after the holidays.

The holidays are a wonderful time to relax, catch up with friends and family, enjoy sleep ins and yummy food. But the holidays can seriously derail your good intentions, and fast.

If you’re keen to get back on track and re-commence your HYPOXI journey, now is the time! We share our top 10 simple tips to get back on track after the holidays below, so you can be working towards your dream body in no time.

1. Leave The Holiday Vibe With The Holidays

Over the holidays you had time to relax, ate food you wouldn’t normally eat, and hopefully slept a lot. But now it’s time to get back on track and resume your HYPOXI routine. If you let things slip a little during the holidays, it doesn’t mean it needs to become your new normal.  Thank the holidays for the fun they brought you and leave those holiday ways there… with the holidays.

2. Get Rid Of The Junk Food

Is your fridge bursting at the seams with leftover holiday food? Now is the time to pass it on to friends or get rid of it. Those little snacks and junk food will call your name loudly if you leave them where you can see them (anyone else have chocolate call their name loudly?!). So say goodbye to the junk food and fill your fridge with healthy HYPOXI low-carb staples.

3. Get Organized And Plan Your Meals

The quickest way to get back on track is to plan your meals. When you know what you’ll be eating for the week ahead, you are much more likely to stick to your low carb eating regime and get back into your HYPOXI routine after the holidays. Why not use a handy food tracking app like MyFitnessPal to get organized?

4. Get Accountable With A Friend

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that people were 65% more likely to achieve their goals if they told someone that they would do it. We regularly see HYPOXI clients achieving their health and fat loss goals after committing to them with their HYPOXI coach. If you’re looking for some extra support, why not book in to your closest studio and speak to your coach about your goals for 2020.

5. Remember Your WHY

It can be hard finding motivation to get back on track after the holidays. By focusing on why you want to feel better, lose weight and cellulite, you will focus your mind on the end goal. Perhaps you want to fit into your favorite bikini or have more energy for your kids.  You might have a special occasion coming up that you want to look great for. If you find yourself being tempted by something, ask yourself – is this meal, activity or lifestyle leading me towards or away from my goals?

6. Set Goals For 2020

To get crystal clear on what it is you want to achieve in the new year, write it down and make it SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Choose goals that aren’t just about fat loss and cellulite reduction. What else will bring you satisfaction if you can achieve it this year? Your goals don’t have to be huge goals to make them worthwhile. By achieving lots of little goals, your sense of achievement will grow with each one and your mindset will strengthen in the knowledge that you can achieve things you set your mind to.

7. Move Your Body

For many of us, the holidays can equal a more sedentary lifestyle.  Coupled with extra food and alcohol, our bodies can be crying out for some movement after the holidays. At HYPOXI, we know that we see the best results when our clients come in three times a week. If all you do are your HYPOXI sessions, you will be supporting your body to flush out the toxins and improve circulation (while burning fat 3 times faster than traditional exercise!).  Call your studio today to book a session this week.

8. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is vital for overall health but did you know it is also beneficial for losing weight? If you found yourself getting to bed later than normal over the holidays, now is the time to get back into your regular routine. If you need to reset your sleep routine, aim to get to bed 15 minutes earlier each day. It may take you a week to get back to your regular sleep schedule, but it will be easier doing it in small increments than expecting your body to readjust in one day.

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to start getting ready for bed. Turn off all electronic devices a few hours before bedtime, enjoy a warm shower or a soothing cup of herbal (non-caffeinated) tea. Whatever your bedtime routine, ensure you are getting plenty of uninterrupted sleep each night will support you to achieve your health goals in 2020.

9. Keep Hydrated

Even though it’s cooler out and we may not feel we need to, it’s important we drink plenty of fluid to keep our bodies hydrated.  When you are out of your regular routine, it is easy to forget to drink enough water each day.  Did you know that how much you need to drink each day depends on your gender, age and movement? Calculate your daily water requirements here.

Not only is it important to drink enough fluid to stay hydrated during the winter months, but it can also help you to feel full and flush the toxins out of your system.

10. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

You let your hair down over the holidays. Did you have fun? Was it worth it? Yes? Then that’s great! Focus on the fun you had, the lovely social interactions you got to enjoy and even the vacation from your regular HYPOXI food. What is done, is done and you can’t change the past. Instead, look to the future and get organized for how the new year will be a great year for you. Our HYPOXI coaches are ready to help you get back on track.  Book in for a session at your local studio today and get working on your 2020 health goals.