HYPOXI Licensing

Access to HYPOXI’s patented, science-proven, fat-burning training equipment just got a lot easier. HYPOXI USA is now licensing!

Distributed in 50 countries, HYPOXI is a perfect revenue-generating addition to any fitness, wellness, beauty or medspa business.

Now is your chance to be a part of the growth in the U.S.


Why Choose HYPOXI?

  • Increase revenue per square foot in your existing premises
  • Diversify store revenue streams
  • Attract new customers and cross promote with existing offering and client base
  • Repurpose underutilized floor space
  • Create an ‘on-trend’ boutique experience within a larger business
  • Low additional staffing costs and overheads, with high revenue potential


Licensing Requirements

  • Minimum of 360 square feet required
  • Capital light investment with simple build out
  • Concepts starting from 2 HYPOXI Devices
  • Other amenities accessed within existing business (e.g. bathroom, reception)


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